Black/Red MIG-100 Welding Machine (Plug:EU,UK,US)

Black/Red MIG-100 Welding Machine (Plug:EU,UK,US)

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Product Description

Color: black, red
Supply voltage: 110 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Welding wire diameter: 0.6 ~ 0.9 mm
Input power: 2.5 kva
60% input power: 1.5 kva
Fuse (A): 13
Power factor: 0.9
Maximum no-load voltage output: 33V
Current range: 50-90A
Maximum current output: 90 @ 10%
Adjustment position: 4
Aluminum welding wire diameter: 0.8-0.9mm
Insulation class: H
Protection class: IP21S
Circuit breaker: 30A

Description: AC single-phase portable wire welding machine for flux (NO GAS) welding. With thermal protection.

1. The shell is made of powder coated steel sheet.
2. Single-phase portable fan cooling wire welding machine, 2 switch stages, easy to operate.
3. Provide stable welding current effect, including thermal overload protection, safe to use.
4, less maintenance, less harmful gases, can be used for a long time.
5. High efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, low noise, high load cycle, forced cooling.
6, suitable for MIG welding, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel and other metal welding widely used.

1. MIG-100 welding machine has the function of gas-free AC. Welds up to 1kg of wire. Take care to assemble the correct sized wires when using them.
2. When the torch nozzle hits the workpiece, an arc will start. When you press the torch button, it will start wire feeding and welding. Therefore, when you are not welding, do not allow the nozzle to blow weld the workpiece.
3. The contact head is a consumable product. It must be replaced when the hole becomes large or oval. The contact tip must avoid splashing.
4. The nozzle must also be kept clean and free of splashes. The accumulation of spatter inside the nozzle can cause a short-circuit of the contact tip, which can lead to expensive machine maintenance costs. Keep the contacts from splashing.
5. Thermal protection: If the welding machine is overheated due to long-term use beyond the initial duty cycle within the specified duty cycle, the thermal protection will cause the welding machine to cut off and the orange indicator light on the front panel will light up. Wait fifteen minutes to allow the welder to cool down, at which point the welder will automatically reconnect.

Note: The instructions are placed inside the welding machine. You need to pull the slide bar with both hands to open the cover of the welding machine and remove the instructions.

Security Information:
1. Pay attention to safety when using, arc welding may be dangerous. Arc light and molten iron will burn. Welding sparks may cause fire or explosion. Fumes and welding gas electromagnetic fields can be dangerous. Electric shock can cause death.
2. The welding machine must be connected to a power source in accordance with the electrical specifications of the equipment.
3. Disconnect the power before assembling, disassembling or servicing the torch or contacts or replacing the spool.
4. Always install a gas nozzle when welding. Do not perform welding without a gas nozzle installed. The contact tip is electrically “hot” and can cause damage if it comes into contact with a compacted workpiece.
5. Be sure to wear all protective devices before welding in a safe place.

Tip: MIG welding is relatively easy, but it requires stable and supervised operations on scrap metal, because you can only get the results you need if you continue to operate.

Packing list:
1x welding machine (including power cord)
1x mask
1x brush
1x gadget
1x English User Manua


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