2/4 button Video Games Retro Style Console Built-in 620 Games Av Line Games Mini Classic HD Video Vintage Retro TV Game

2/4 button Video Games Retro Style Console Built-in 620 Games Av Line Games Mini Classic HD Video Vintage Retro TV Game

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Features: 8-bit console games, built-in 620 classic games. Ergonomic design for comfortable handling. It is a dual control TV handheld video classic game console. Supports multi game and you can have a great fun. Easy to use and to operate at affordable prices.

2 button
1. Dimension: Approx.13x10x4.5cm/ 5.12×3.94×1.77”
2. Input: AC 110V-220v 3. Output: DC 6V-150mA
4. TV Signal System: PAL/ NTSC
5. TV Status: AV
6. Transformers are not toys.
7. Use a safety isolating transformer.
9. Children under 3 years of age are prohibited from use. 10. This machine can only be used in line with the national standard of the transformer.
11. Disconnect the power supply when cleaning the machine with a cleaning liquid.
12. This unit can not be connected to a multi-connected power outlet. Package include:(X 1-10) 1x TV Video Games Console 2 x Hardwired Joysticks 1 X Audio/ Video Cable For TV 1 X Power Charger 1 X User Manual

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*1. Classic game console.
*2. A dual gamepad for playing with family and friends.
*3. There are 620 classic games for you to enjoy.
Specification: Plug type: Eu, USA, UK ,AU
Game Type: Action Games
Game version: Starter Edition
Memory: 620 games built in
Image processor:
8 bits Output: DC 6V-150 mA TV status: AV output
Handle length: about 1.45 m / 4.75 ft
Handle size: approx. 122 * 52 * 16mm / 4.8 * 2.04 * 0.62”
Host size: approx. 133 * 100 * 45mm / 5.23 * 3.93 * 1.77”
Packing size: approx. 192 * 140 * 75mm / 7.55 * 5.51 * 2.95”
Packing weight: 457g
Product List: 1 host, 1 AV cable, 1 manual, 1 power supply, 2 handles, 1 box

Tips: 1. Children under the age of 3 are strictly prohibited from using it alone. 2. The voltage converter is not a toy. Do not play during abnormal use. 3. This machine can only use the recommended voltage converter that meets the national standard. 4. When cleaning the machine with detergent, disconnect the power to the machine. 5. Regularly check that the wires, plugs, casing and other parts are intact. If it is damaged, stop using it immediately until it is repaired. 6. This unit cannot use other power sources that are not recommended. Note: 1.Due to manual measurements, please allow a difference of 1-3mm. 2.Due to the different displays and different lighting, the image may not display the actual color of the item. Thank you for your understanding.


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