100pcs Freesia Bulbs Perfume Flower Seeds Home Garden Plant Perennial Decor

100pcs Freesia Bulbs Perfume Flower Seeds Home Garden Plant Perennial Decor



Product Description

Type: Freesia Seeds OR Freesia Bulbs
Color: as picture shows
Freesia’s are amongst the most popular spring flowering bulbs,
Producing delicate and heavenly scented flowers.
The unusual funnel shaped flowers stand erect on tall stems.
They are ideal planted as borders, or planters on your patio
They are superb in borders or planters on your patio or terrace,
FREESIAS been choosing cottage Garden favorite for many years
FREESIA BULBS Planting Guide
Planting Time: From Autumn through to late Spring
Growth Height: Height up to 30 to 35cm
Planting Position: Full Sun / Half Shade
Planting Depth: 5cm -Best to plant them in 5 or more bulbs in clumps) spacing them 30cm apart

Flowering Time: From late Winter through to late Spring
Watering: Water upon planting, keeping moist during dry spells. Do not over-water.
Fertilizing: Use a complete fertiliser or organic manure prior to planting.
Pest and / Diseases: Generally trouble free with no major proplems.
Lifting Time: Lifting the bulbs from ground isn’t required. Once the flowers are finished the stems will die back. They can be left in the ground up to several years and will multiply easily.
Handy Hints: Plant some in pots to bring them indoor when their in flower.

Freesia’s can be grown from either corms (bulbs) or seed.
When to Plant: Best to plant from Autumn through to late Spring.
Freesia’s grown from seeds will flower 12 to 15 weeks from planting.
The young plans will produce multiple bulbs on each year.
When to Sow: Autumn through to late Spring.
Sowing Depth: 5 to 6mm
Germination: Approximately 30 to 45 days
Germination Tip: Can be improved by soaking seeds overnight in water before planting.
Planting Tip: Best to plant them were they will remain undisturbed till the end of the growing season. You can plant up to 50 Freesia seeds in a 30cm pot.
Freesias will develop underground corms (Bulbs) by mid summer.
Once the foliage will died down, you can then divide bulbs and plant as desired.
Whether in garden beds or pots, you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Package included:
100Pcs Mixed Freesia Seeds


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